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Prime support services

Primes support services include support and hosting for ERP-systems Prime Online, Prime3000 and Prime Workmanager.

Prime-tukipalvelut ovat apunasi.
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Opening hours during summer

During summer, our support services are available with the following exceptions:

31.5. support 8-16, emergency telephone open normally
20.6. support 8-16, emergency telephone open normally
21.6.-22.6. support and emergency telephone closed

In July, our support is open on weekdays 8-16. Our emergency telephone is closed during weeks 29 and 30.

NOTE! All times are Finnish

The Helpdesk caters for urgent needs

The Helpdesk provides personal service in urgent cases. You can contact us either by phone or through the easy-to-use Helpdesk portal. Please note that telephone support is primarily intended for acute situations.

Helpdesk is open on weekdays from 8 am – 5 pm, closed on weekends.

The emergency telephone will guide you in the event of a malfunction

The emergency telephone is intended for situations related to malfunctions outside office hours.

The emergency telephone is open Mon-Fri 5 pm – 8 pm, during the weekend 9 am –1 pm.

+358 (0)6 000 1701 (2,95 €/min + ppm)

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We use the QuickSupport remote access and control software to implement customer support. Download the software by clicking the button below. 

Printer drivers for DL Hosting users

If you are using DL Hosting services, install the printer driver for printing. The driver must be installed on each workstation. Select the correct driver for your operating system (32-bit or 64-bit) below.

Tricerat Screwdrivers (Host 7, 8 and 10)

Tricerat Screwdrivers (Host 11 and 12)

Tricerat Screwdrivers (Host 2, 9; 14 and 15)

Tricerat Screwdrivers (Host 4, 6 and 16)

Tricerat Screwdrivers (Host 3, 5, 17 and Norwegian hosting)

Tricerat Screwdrivers (Host 18 and 19)