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Restaurants and cafés

Smooth customer service is an integral part of running a restaurant, and the POS system must be able to meet a variety of needs in the sector. Our Jeemly POS solution includes the basic functions necessary for running a café or restaurant. Our system grows together with your business, piece by piece.

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Focus on customer service

Sell products easily with a touch screen where products are readily available under their own categories. An integrated or portable payment terminal enables secure payments with different methods. 

Versatile food orders

The Jeemly POS system makes customer service faster and more efficient by conveying your customer’s order and related special requests to the kitchen automatically. With our online order solution, your customers can also complete their orders online in advance.

Inventory always up to date

Real-time inventory tracking helps you keep your inventory up to date and minimize wastage. Inventory entries for products from wholesalers are easy to make with electronic waybills. 

POS systems for cafés and restaurants

POS for cafés

Our complete café solution includes all functions needed for running a café efficiently.

78 €/month

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  1. POS functions, product information management, product menus
  2. Customer register, account sales and campaign management
  3. Notes to the kitchen
  4. Extensive reporting
  5. POS equipment and accessories
  6. Support services

POS for restaurants

Extend your café solution to suit a restaurant by adding, for example, menu and bill management.

98 €/month

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  1. Same functions as in the café solution
  2. Inventory and balance tracking
  3. Menu management
  4. Seating charts
  5. Bill management
  6. Happy Hour -functions

Extend the solution

  1. Product and report management in a browser
  2. Payment terminals
  3. Mobile inventory terminals
  4. Billing service
  5. Online orders
  6. Loyalty programmes
  7. Electronic accounting interfaces
  8. Electronic waybills
  9. Chain support for restaurants

Key functions

Sell anywhere with a tablet POS

A tablet POS, or mobile POS, makes the work of your staff much easier – particularly in connection with terrace and pop-up sales. The POS goes where the staff goes, speeding up customer service. Sales can be handled directly on the tablet, without the need for a separate POS device. Since orders can be made right away, they are also communicated to the kitchen in real time. 

Simplify order processing with a kitchen management system

The Jeemly POS system provides the kitchen staff with dish-specific information, information on the selected side dishes or free-form text entered by the waiting staff. Order receipts are printed automatically in the kitchen and grouped by table to ensure that all the dishes will be ready at the same time. A kitchen display system can also be used instead of a kitchen printer, in which case dishes that are ready can be marked as such on the touch screen. Order receipts or orders entered on the screen can also be directed to, e.g., the bar or different sections of the kitchen on a product-specific basis. 

Improve customer service with a self-service checkout

Serve your customers in a flexible and timely manner also during peak hours with self-service checkouts. An easy-to-use self-service checkout provides an extra order channel in addition to the traditional POS and online ordering.

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Online ordering brings you closer to your customers

Offer your customers a convenient way to place an order by allowing online ordering. Orders placed online are transferred directly to the restaurant system, streamlining operations and reducing errors. When SEO-optimized, the online order portal increases the restaurant’s online visibility, helping you reach new customers and increase your customer base. Managing the portal yourself will save you from the commission fees charged for external service platforms. 

Extend the solution

Track your sales anywhere, anytime

Track your sales in real time by each POS and, if necessary, by each product or receipt by extending your POS solution to cloud service . You can also maintain product and customer information in the cloud, and the information is instantly communicated to the restaurant. The Jeemly POS software is always installed locally on the terminal, so it works even without an internet connection, if necessary. This will ensure that your sales are not interrupted at any point. 

Engage your customers with loyalty programs

Loyalty program benefits will encourage your customers to return – the more frequently they visit your restaurant, the better benefits they will get. There are several options for loyalty programs, ranging from traditional lunch cards to free products or product discounts that can be redeemed immediately. 

A loyalty program helps you collect data on the purchasing behavior of your customers. The collected data helps you inform your customers about topics that interest them, such as themed weeks, performers or offers. You can also group your customers based on their interests, making your marketing communications more relevant. 

Improve tracking and planning with product information management

In a restaurant or a chain of restaurants with several POS systems, centralized management of product information and prices will streamline your operations efficiently. You can facilitate selection processing by creating new products and setting up an automated process for informing your customer service staff of discontinued products. You can track sales of a specific product or on a specific day through reporting. The comprehensive reports meet the needs of all kinds of restaurants, ranging from product sales and the use of working time to overall sales and result.